no mistakes

no mistakes

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Artful Business- Handcrafted Pottery

 The Art classes are in full on business mode!

All of the classes have been knee deep in clay dust creating ceramic gifts for the Hursey Carnival and the Murray LaSaine Farmers Market.

So far we have used about 400 Lbs of clay. I have trucked supplies and creations back and forth between the two schools for 3 weeks. We have 2 weeks to go! March Maddness is in full swing!  I take home the scraps of clay and reclaim them in water, knead the air out and bring the clay back for more creations later. 

Clay is always an excellent confidence builder! You can always start over!  The most valuable lesson in life is, if you make a mistake, just change the plan, or begin again. Clay is forgiving and messy is fun!

 We have made sets of fully functional bowls.

Primary children are creating garden accents such as magnets
We have made Berry Bowls to hold onto your delicious summer berries. 
  Garden Lanterns to set atop a small candle 

This week begins the massive amounts of glazing and firing. No rest for this KILN!! 

Flower pots will be filled with plants grown from seedlings by the children at both schools. 

We even had 2 bird houses creatively, constructed spontaneously. 

Hursey Exploratory starts the glazing process.

The Upper Elementary students 
at Murray LaSaine begin the glazing process.

After we get all the creations glazed and fired, we will prepare them for sale at the Hursey Carnival -April 29 and Murray LaSaine Farmers Market- April 22.

Come out and get some amazing hand crafted,  fabulously, functional pottery! All proceeds go right back to the students through PTO and PTA. 

Final photos of finished artwork to come!

Monday, February 27, 2017

Jonathan Greene from the Gibbes to the classroom study

From the Gibbes tour to the classroom, we celebrate African American ( South Carolina) Artist Jonathan Greene!

 Jonathan Greene is well known for his colorful depictions of Gullah stories, traditions and low country geographical beauty.  Here are some of the inspired creations from his work:

   ceramic hats...  Hats made with trash or treasure...

Fire grass representations

Hats and fire grass!
We put our own twist our inspiration from Jonathan Greene's work.

Friday, January 13, 2017

All access pass to inspiration and authentic art experiences. The Gibbes Museum provides free field trips to Title One schools.

Heather Teems

Thus every child should have an opportunity to have equal access to exposure with all kinds of inspiring art in a beautiful, local, historical museum.

I am a teacher; an art teacher, in two Title One schools. Through grants and donations, the Gibbes Museum of Art has been able to provide my students and so many other students an equal opportunity to tour the museum and create art while they are there, as well.

I cannot express with words the gratitude I have for this opportunity. It’s a feeling. 

When I first toured the newly renovated museum in August, I was  impressed and inspired. I was impressed by the art, and the beauty of  the architecture. The knowledge and the energy of the museum educators and the joyful staff inspired me, to start my school year with real life experiences for my students.
Most of the children had never been to an art museum; they had never had this kind of experiential view of multiple art works.
They were awestruck immediately by the textures in the architecture, the brass, the wood, and marble, and of course, the giant freight elevator.

 “We could bring our parents to see the museum so they can   experience pieces of history.” Addison Goss, Grade 2.
   “I would like to go to the Gibbes with my grandma so she can see how the museum changed.”  –Vienna, age 8

I did not grow up in South Carolina, and I am relatively new to Charleston. The Museum educators did a fabulous job summarizing the rich antiquity of Charleston through portraiture.

“The portrait of the Moultrie Family was huge and we could tell it was time consuming!” Destiny Holmes, Grade 2

I learned many things that I should have known already.  That being said, I believe this field trip helped the children truly have a deeper understanding and respect for the degree of Charleston’s influence on South Carolina’s history.

“I liked how the sweet grass baskets were shaped by Mary Jackson. "Never Again" was huge and beautiful.” Austin Koch, Grade 1

The temporary collection at the Gibbes is something we should all be able to see. I did not want the children to miss out on the Guggenheim collection on the third floor.

 “My favorite part was the miniature pictures on display.” Victoria Carabus, Grade 2

After the summarization of the South Carolinian heirs, we switched gears to head upstairs and view the objective and non- objective works of fabulous master artists such as, Picasso, Kandinsky, and Chagall.

“My favorite piece was the picture with objects, Paris Through the Window. I liked the colors and the cat”.Lilly Brock, Grade 3

“My favorite piece of art was the one that had the man with two faces, a parachute man, the Eiffel Tower, and the cat with the human face”. –JJ, grade 3

Due to the offerings of modern technology, the students had a chance to view the art works they would see at the Gibbes on the smart board in the classroom, before they actually saw them. This provided much valuable dialogue and excitement with the museum educators.
After our tour, the students were directed through a carefully planned art activity inspired by the works and dialogue during the tour. The students have coveted these pieces, as they were very proud of what they created at the museum.

“My favorite part of the Gibbes field trip was making our own artwork!”- Jolie, Age 8

Picnicking in the museum garden was another highlight of the day. 

“The painting I most remember is the girl with the blanket in her hands by Jonathan Greene.  She looked like she was going to a picnic.”
 -August, age 8

I have tried to bring all of my students to the Gibbes this year, because, I do not want to pass up an amazing opportunity for them.
So far, I have brought close to 400 students. I have loved every second that I  was able to accompany them and they have loved it too.  I am grateful beyond words to the volunteers, the staff and the benefactors that have made all of these field trips possible.

The children get excited, they tell friends, they bring family, and they explore new ideas during art class from exposure to these real life art experiences.

For this, I am happy. For this, I am thankful.

“I want to take my mom and dad to the Gibbes, because I want them to see the paintings”.-Johanna ,age 6


Friday, November 25, 2016

So we can keep creating and inspiring MAGIC in their lives..

Highlights from this month at Hursey and Murray LaSaine Elementary

We are so blessed to have so many different ways to create. The goal in the Creativity Laboratory is to inspire creativity and self confidence through multimedia visual art, performance art and  real life experiential learning. Experiences in school and out of school have been graciously donated by the North Charleston Cultural Arts Center, the Gaillard Center  and the Gibbes Museum of Art. 
 "Donors Choose" is the way all of the friends family and community can give a little, to help a lot!
The opportunity to give to help us keep inspiring magic in the lives of many children is running out of time. Only $265.00 left to get our project fully funded! If this project doesn't  get fully funded by the deadline, we lose donations already promised. Please help us reach our goal!

Primary colors and fun:)

"I'll Follow the Moon"

"Too Much Glue"

                                                                                                Unleash your monster!

Combined spontaneous story about two clay monsters!

Mary Jackson - "Never Again"